Pain Savior – Dead Weight on a Dying Planet


CD comes with a 12″x18″ Poster



Tracy G – Guitar
Elvin Rodriguez – Vocals

Guest Musicians:

Ray Luzier, Bob Buchler, Rick Ritzler, Gary Farano, Dave Chuchian – Drums
Randy Oviedo – Bass

Year: 2013
Label: Spooky G Music
Producer: Tracy G


  1. No God But I
  2. Red Scare
  3. Last Words
  4. Pushing The New Machine
  5. Kneeface
  6. Bedlam
  7. Pain Savior
  8. Soul Taker
  9. Poison Is The Medicine
  10. Master Of Lies
  11. Shades Of Darkness
  12. Murder Hole
  13. Life… Beyond The Black (Demo)