Review of The Tracy G Group's 'This Device' - October 2015

by Northeast Rock Review
The Tracy G Group - This Device

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The Tracey G Group has released a six song EP, “This Device” with a bonus DVD with music videos, interview and special features. The EP features Michael Beatty on vocals, Randy Ovideo on bass, Tracy G on guitar, Adrian Aguilar on drums for track 1, 4, & 6; Ray Luzier of Korn on drums for tracks 2 & 5; Mike Terrana on drums for track 3.

Music from this group is an eclectic combination of rock, metal and blues all rolled into one. The EP consists of six tracks:
1. Space Beast (The Mudshark Returns)
2. This Device
3. Benjamin Siegel
4. Red White Black and Blue
5. Out Of Time
6. The Train (Revisited)

Lets cover a few of our favorites from the EP.

“Space Beast” is a cool melodic instrumental. Some great guitar riffs and drum tracks in this fast paced tune. Has a sound reminiscent to a Joe Satriani song. One of our favorite selections from the album.

“This Device” is another favorite. This song has great vocals from Michael Beatty and musical arrangement is spot on. It doesn’t take long to realize that “This Device” is a likable tune and will keep you playing it over and over. The combo of Michael Beatty’s strong vocals, Ray Luzier on drums and Tracy G guitar makes it one our favorites.

“Red White Black and Blue” another cool tune with a very metal tone and some great sounding drums from Adrian Aguilar.

“The Train (Revisited)” is another hard and heavy instrumental with melodic guitar riffs throughout the song. This was one of our favorites also.

Tracey G did a great job in putting this group together. Stellar guitar licks throughout the entire EP. The musicians and vocals in this band area a perfect combination for a heavy metal band in the 21st century. They have the classic raw/heavy metal sound with bluesy undertones. Definitely worth checking this EP out for old school metal and rock fans, who are looking for new music that has the classic tone we all enjoy. Its not a remake of old music. Its heavy metal for the modern day. Overall a really cool album with a great metal sound. A recommended check out.

If you don’t know who Tracey G is, he is best known as the guitarist for DIO from 1993-1999. Tracey G played on DIO albums Strange Highways (1994)
Angry Machines (1996), Inferno: Last in Live (1998).


Review of The Tracy G Group's 'This Device' - October 2015

by Alison Booth at Metal Shock Finland
The Tracy G Group - This Device

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With a busy and impressive musical history spanning many years, including six of them with the legendary DIO, expectations were high for the latest offering from guitarist Tracy G and his band THE TRACY G GROUP.

The new six track EP “This Device” is like a hard hitting 32 minute punch to the throat! So much is packed into a short space of time, so let’s start with the album opener ‘Space Beast (The Mudshark Returns)’. An instrumental, full of atmospheric spaced out sounds and a great melodic solo by Tracy, backed up by the tight rhythm section of bassist Randy Oviedo and drummer Adrian Aguilar.

The pace moves up a notch with the title track ‘This Device’ – Michael Beatty‘s vocals kick in, delivering the Big Brother-esque content with a great raw edge. Full of catchy riffs and hooks, the whole song arrangement is epic, also featuring KORN‘s Ray Luzier on drums.

One of the most famous and feared gangsters of his day in 1930’s and ’40’s America, ‘Benjamin Siegel‘, forms the title of the next track, (he was a driving force behind the development of Las Vegas), with gambling as the focus. Very heavy and the spoken words at the start evoke a feel of the flamboyant David Lee Roth. In fact, the whole song has a great ’80’s vibe, with monstrous riffs, complete with drumming this time from Mike Terrana. One of my favourites.

The politically charged ‘Red White Black & Blue’ is up next, could this album deliver any more epic riffs? It certainly can! THE TRACY G GROUP are a slick professional unit, with Michael really showing his vocal range and depth here to maximum impact. I can see this being a great one to play on stage!

‘Out Of Time’ is a groove laden, thought provoking song about death, or more specifically, a subject that touches most people in some way – cancer. The emotionally charged topic aside, this song is packed full of heaviness and intensity, again featuring Ray Luzier.

‘The Train (Revisited)’ completes this EP in instrumental style, also being the longest track at 8:09. Tight, smooth bass lines and solid heavy drums perfectly compliment Tracy‘s soaring guitar solos and riffs here.

If you love heavy metal, you need to own this album! My only ‘complaint’ is that this self produced album with its unique raw sound is not long enough – looking forward to more from THE TRACY G GROUP in the not too distant future.

Rating: 9.5/10


Review of The Tracy G Group's 'This Device' - September 2015

by Tony Sison at The Dedicated Rocker Society Music Magazine
The Tracy G Group - This Device

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The Tracy G. Group's latest creation the six song Ep, 'This Device' strikes a perfect balance of style, power and imagination taking risks and challenges in ways most other players can't even approach. There are some incredible moments here and it's an intensely personal album full of anguish and anger and ultimately hope. For this being only a six song Ep, it sure packs one hellava punch! The songs are heavy and thick. The drums lurch and the guitars hold deep power chords infused with wicked licks that will definitely threaten to blow your speakers. The instrumental, "Space Beast (The Mudshark Returns) sets the table for the intense musical journey that awaits. The grooves are catchy, psychedelic, and abrasive all at the same time. The title track is up next and it's as if you sucked down the rabbit hole. The intensity level that the band bring as a group on this track is off the charts! "Benjamin Siegel", a ball buster of a song with a sinister bass groove. The next two tracks are guaranteed to send your blood pressure into overdrive "Red White Black And Blue" and "Out Of Time". The instrumental "The Train (Revisited) closes things out nicely. Tracy G.'s guitar playing is a intense and insane as ever. I've always considered Tracy G. "The Salvador Dalí" of the guitar world. Dali was best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work. Dali used a paint brush, Tracy G.'s paint brush is his guitar and the music he creates is just as striking and bizarre. Hats off to Michael Beatty for a damn good job on vocals. One thing that makes this recording stand out amongst modern rock recordings, is the fact that the vocals actually follow very distinctive (and catchy) melodies, yet they still manage to be extremely intense. Randy Oviedo's bass playing truly sounds like it's from another planet. Then there is the drumming courtesy of Adrian Aguilar providing the music with an almost tribal beat, with killer grooves with maximum impact. Also featured on drums are Ray Luzier (Korn) and Mike Terrana. You will want to play this recording as loud as you can just for the sheer force of the guitar and bass rumble. Great vocals, intense guitar work, beautiful tone, tight musicianship, excellent songwriting and arranging. Well worth listening to. - Highly Recommended


Review of Robot Lords Of Tokyo's 'Virtue & Vice' - February 2013

by The Atomic Chaser @ The DRP (Dedicated Rocker Productions/Dedicated Rocker Society)
Robot Lords of Toyko

Robot Lords Of Tokyo return with their latest behemoth in the form of, 'Virtue & Vice'. Fair warning this album is not for the faint of heart. The "RIFF" symphony that awaits you will knock your senses off the chart. Masochist of the hard and heavy will climax like Old Faithful! I kid you not. Robot Lords Of Tokyo are, Rick Ritzler on drums and Paul Jones on lead vocals. This duo recruited a "Special Forces" of guitar mercenaries to help bring this beast to life. Chris Poland (Megadeth) on "Hell Will Have To Wait", Tracy G. (Dio) on two tracks, "Great Escape" and "Broken". Then you have Wayne Findlay (Slavior) on "Voice Inside". Ten tracks in all. All like Titan missiles that explode on impact! Fans of bands like Grand Magus, Black Label Society and COC ,will love Robot Lords Of Tokyo. These boys only play three ways, LOUD, PROUD and HEAVY! Don't say I didn't warn you. - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Review of The Tracy G Groups 'Controlled Chaos' - February 2013

by The Atomic Chaser @ The Drp
The Tracy G Group - Controlled Chaos

Using controlled and Tracy G. in the same sentence is like asking Kobe Bryant to stop shooting basketballs, it's not going to happen. If there was ever a Salvador Dali of guitar, Tracy G. would fit that bill hands down. On his latest effort, 'Controlled Chaos' puts that description to the test. Providing a rock solid rhythm section are, Randy "Eddie Frisco" Oviedo on bass and Johnny B. on lead vocals and drums. "Captured" opens the album in rocking fashion. A raw down and dirty number that has one hellava bite! Then you have numbers like , "He Said She Said" and "I'm Alive" that high light the trio's tight chemistry. I mentioned Dali, on tracks, "Mirage", "Babalushi" , "Blister Funk (revisited) " and " The Notch", Tracy unleashes his repertoire of mind numbing guitar work. Without a doubt , a instrumental encounter of the third kind. Fans of Alan Holdsworth and Shawn Lane are in for a treat. 11 tracks in total all ROCK solid. With this release, Tracy G. has once again proven that when it comes to guitar players, he is one of the best. I have to admit before I hit play, I still wanted to hear how controlled Tracy's guitar would be? Who am I kidding?! That's like asking Bruce Banner to stop turning into The Hulk! With that said, Tracy was able to soothe the savage beast only letting it out on his own terms and come up with a damn great recording. "Controlled Chaos", comes highly recommended.


Review of Tracy G's 'A Frosty G Christmas' - January 2010

by Count GoreBoar
Tracy G - A Frosty G Christmas

“The Bells!” Man that track is awesome! Riff by riff, the guitars sound ominous, the solos, and the overall production is not only clean, but sends one to a dark wonderland. This song opens up the rest of the multitalented Tracy G and his all-star musician filled album. The music is spiritually uplifting while maintaining the all around metal feel, but what can you expect with a touring guitarist of Dio, Motorhead, Goad-Ed, and WWIII. This Christmas album rocks on so many levels, and if you need a stocking stuffer, this will definitely be a treat, so throw back some eggnog, kiss that special someone under the mistletoe, and bang your head while throwing up your horns; just crank it up. This will definitely break the ice at a stiff Christmas corporate event, but all jests aside this album is fun for all ages. Especially, for those people who want to rock out while others want the more traditional approach, but it appeases both sides and is balanced.

Check out Larry Ramirez (D.O.B. Sound, Inc., Loaded Bomb Records, Audia, and Second Chance) rock out the drums on a killer version of “Silent Night.” The drive on it will definitely have Santa rockin’ from roof to rooftop. Merry X-Mas. Take care and take control!


Review of Tracy G's 'A Frosty G Christmas' - December 2009

by Allan " Ragman" Athans, Co-Host: The Genghis and Ragman Show
Tracy G - A Frosty G Christmas

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Tracy G - A Frosty ChristmasTis the season to be metal fal la la la… That’s right kiddies more metal Christmas tunes to fill your studded stocking. The latest in our metal grab bag, is from our old friend Tracy G, and his latest CD which is full of Christmas tunes. Tracy has just released A Frosty G Christmas (available at to fill your metal Christmas needs. A Frosty G Christmas is a cool compilation of metal, jazz, blues, punk and instrumentals. Tracy has really delivered a diversified package of Christmas tunes to fill the need of virtually any music fan. I really like what Tracy has done with this disk, because it will appeal to any member of your family.

The disk is full of killer instrumentals like The Bells, White X-Mas, Chuck Brown’s tune and Favorite Things, in which Tracy wails. Tracy is one of those guys that holds back quite a bit, but in these instrumental tracks, you can really hear the guy rip. The CD is primarily done in a traditional way, but with Tracy adding in some hints of jazz and blues. There are a handful of tunes that Tracy rocks up, like the metal version of Joy to the World as well as the punk inspired version of Silent Night, but for the most part the tunes are done is a fairly traditional way. Like I said before, this CD has it all. It will be enjoyed by the whole family. Even though you might see grandma cringe at the heavier stuff, she should enjoy the rest.

Bottom Line: Tracy G spreading his wings and rocking out some Christmas tunes. The great thing about this disk, is that by listening to it, you conclude that Tracy is more than a one trick pony. This guy can play anything. Fun for the whole family.

Standout Tracks: Joy to the World, Favorite Things, Here Comes Santa and White X-Mas.


Review of Tracy G's 'To Die Is Gain' - November 2008

by Brian Shea
Tracy G - Deviating From The Set List

Sammy Avila - Vocals on "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers" & "Going Down"
Ralph Saenz - Vocals on "On Fire"
Mike Adams - Vocals on "People Get Ready"
Marvin Blu Dread McDaniel - Vocals on "Fire"
Richard Mares - Vocals on "The Sky is Crying"
Dennis Alvarez - Vocals on "Black Dog"
Jeff Pilson - Vocals & Bass on "Maybe I'm a Leo"
George Cass Casanova - Vocals & Bass on "The Immigrant Song"
Michael Beatty - Vocals on "Little Wing"
Timm Saxton - Vocals on "Into the Void"
Tracy G - Guitar, Bass, Keyboard
Toshi Hiketa - Guitar
Merlyn Kelly - Bass
Jeremy Masana - Bass on "The Sky is Crying"
Larry Dennison - Bass on "Black Dog"
Jeff Erickson - Bass on "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers"
John Avila - Bass on "Fire" & "Going Down"
Leon Randolph - Bass on "Them Changes"
Jerry Best - Bass on "Into the Void"
Ray Luzier - Drums on "Black Dog", & "Fire"
Mike Terrana - Drums on "Into the Void"
Stevie D. Distanislao - Drums on "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers"
Donnie Rodriguez - Drums on "On Fire", "The Sky is Crying", "Them Changes", "Going Down", "The Immigrant Song", & "The Jack"
Audie Desbrow - Drums on "Maybe I'm a Leo"

Tracy G. has truly assembled an amazing cast of musicians to perform some of the greatest and most memorable classic rock tracks of all-time.

Tracy G. is one of those musicians that has always surrounded himself with greatness. From his stint in Dio to his current plethora of projects, Tracy has worked with some of the biggest and most talented artists in the industry. That doesn't take away from the fact that Tracy G. has always produced some of the most quality (and under appreciated) guitar parts in the last 20 years. His crisp guitar solos and wonderfully crafted songs have, so far, gone fairly unnoticed by the mainstream audience. This album, as Tracy told me, is a tribute to his favorite artists of all-time.

He told me that this album is perfect for anyone who loves "classic rock out of control" as he put it. After reading that description and seeing the tracklist, I had to give this album a listen.

The album opens with Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog". The song is very well-done. The vocals by Alvarez are a little overwhelming at first with his somewhat Dio-esque style of singing, but once the song gets going, his vocals fit very nicely into the track. The main riff is made even more crunchy by Tracy G and really adds a heavier feel to this Zeppelin classic. "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers" is an amazing rendition of the ZZ Top song. Distanislao is superb on the drums and Avila has the perfect voice for this track. Tracy G. provides a spectacular guitar solo right in the middle of this famous track. "On Fire" is originally done by Van Halen. The vocals by Saenz lift this track to the next level. The track is so high-energy that it is ridiculous. Tracy G. does a great job playing Eddie Van Halen's parts. "People Get Ready" is the first slow song of the track. The version that they decided to pay tribute to is the Rod Steward and Jeff Beck version. This version is a heartfelt tribute to that beautiful track. I feel sometimes that Adams' vocals are a little too strong for the soft track at times, but overall, he does a great job.

Tracy G. does a particularly good job with the nice little guitar fills. "Fire" is possibly my favorite track on the album. This Jimi Hendrix tribute is so well-done that it really rivals the greatness of the original. The vocals by McDaniel are so close to those by Hendrix that its sometimes scary. The guitar solo by Tracy G. would make Jimi proud. The drums by Luzier are simply spectacular. This is one of those songs that you listen to and you realize that every single member of the band is on. "The Sky is Crying" is one of the more recognizable blues tracks in history. Tracy G. and his group decided to cover the Stevie Ray Vaughan version. The track serves as a bit of a slowdown on this overall fast paced album. The guitar work is, once again, phenomenal, but the track doesn't really stand up to the greatness of "Fire" in my eyes. "Them Changes" is a tribute to Buddy Miles. This instrumental tribute is stellar. Randolph is incredibly solid on the bass. "Going Down" is another great tribute to Jeff Beck. The bass solo by Avila is incredibly and rivals that of one done by Billy Sheehan. "Maybe I'm a Leo" is the highlight of disc two for me. This Deep Purple track is done incredibly well by this group of musicians. The jam session nature of this track really benefits Tracy G.'s guitar style. The drums by Desbrow are amazing as well. Pilson is spectacular on this track as well. "The Immigrant Song", another Led Zeppelin tribute, is another heavier feeling tribute to Zep. There's nothing I can really say about this track that I haven't said already. It's perfectly done and Casanova proves that he has a set of lungs on him. His vocals really set the tone on this instantly-recognizable track. "The Jack" is a really really long tribute to the well-known track by AC/DC. I feel like this is the only questionable vocalist choice on the entire album. While Moreno does provide a nice rendition of the song, I feel like one of the other vocalists on the album, particularly Casanova or Saenz could have easily done the track just as well. "Little Wing" is a beautiful tribute to, guess who, Jimi Hendrix. This is easily the most beautiful tribute on the album. Beatty's vocals fit the track perfectly and Tracy G.'s guitar playing has never been more emotional. "Into the Void" is a heavy tribute to Black Sabbath. Timm Saxton, who many people will recognize from some of Tracy G.'s other projects, does a great job. His screams fit the track so well that it almost seems like the original should be played that way. The track is a great way to end the tribute section of this album. The chaos of "Into the Void" gives way and the only original track of the album, "2DI4" slowly comes in. This track features Tracy G. on all instruments. This beautiful track, laden with Spanish guitars really is a nice, mellow way of closing out the album. Tracy G. displays his versatility very nicely and gives a preview of his Spanish guitar album, "Grijalva". Either way, the track closes out the album nicely and really leave the listener with a good perception of who Tracy G. really is and what he is capable of.

This album is easily one of the best and most well rounded tribute albums I've ever listened to. The sheer idea of tributes to all of these great artists receiving tributes from some very capable musicians on one album is amazing. Tracy G. has truly assembled an amazing cast of musicians to perform some of the greatest and most memorable classic rock tracks of all-time. All the greats are well represented, from Page to Beck to Blackmore to Iommi to Hendrix. The amazing thing is, through all the different styles that we hear, none of the songs really make you feel like Tracy G. is out of his element one bit. This album is a testament to his ability and versatility. If you want to get into Tracy G., this might be the most accessible album in his discography that you should check out.

Track by Track Ratings:
Disc One

  1. Black Dog (Led Zeppelin) - 8.5/10

  2. Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers (ZZ Top) - 9/10

  3. On Fire (Van Halen) - 9.5/10

  4. People Get Ready (Rod Stewart & Jeff Beck) - 9/10

  5. Fire (Jimi Hendrix) - 10/10

  6. The Sky is Crying (Stevie Ray Vaughan) - 8/10

  7. Them Changes (Buddy Miles) - 9/10

Disc Two

  1. Going Down (Jeff Beck) - 9.5/10

  2. Maybe I'm a Leo (Deep Purple) - 10/10

  3. The Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin) - 9.5/10

  4. The Jack (AC/DC) - 8/10

  5. Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix) - 9.5/10

  6. Into the Void (Black Sabbath) - 9.25/10

  7. 2DI4 - 9.5/10


Review of Goad-ed's 'To Die Is Gain' - August 2008

by Brian Shea
Goad-ed - To Die Is Gain

Goaded takes influences from many of the metal gods; from Metallica to Pantera to Slayer in this stellar sophomore album.

The way that I got into Goaded was a long, intricate process. I've always been a huge fan of Stone Temple Pilots and a fairly large fan of Filter, so when I heard of Army of Anyone, I naturally decided to give them a chance. Overall I was impressed by the album, but was incredibly impressed by Ray Luzier, the only man that I hadn't been familiar with before the album's release. Upon hearing the lead single, "Goodbye", I immediately recognized Luzier as possessing the potential to become one of my favorite drummers. After hearing the rest of his work on the Army of Anyone album, I decided to check out some more of his work. Just by luck, I stumbled upon Tracy G.'s website and saw that Luzier was drumming for many of his albums. I immediately purchased three of the albums. I was dying to hear Luzier drumming along with the, often, more difficult metal rhythms. I was impressed even further, but one project that truly piqued my interest was called "Goaded". Their debut album possessed some great metal and really made me a fan of the band. I was very delighted to see that Goaded released a new album in February and finally decided it was time to give the album the long overdue spin it deserves.

The beginning of the opening track of the album is like an electrical shock to your heart. "Numb (No Highs No Lows)" begins with quick double bass drum roll from Luzier and leads right into chaos as the entire band plays a mind blowing opening. Witte does the vocals on this album like a man possessed. The lungs on this man are comparable to that of Phil Anselmo. Tracy G. also makes a great showing on this track with a nice solo. "Watch the Empire Fall" has a nice galloping riff from Tracy G. and superb vocals by Witte again. The little things that Luzier contributes to this song really impress me. The small fills that he adds at the end of each verse really adds to the already great feel of the track. The track really seems like it would be a concert favorite and has a real party feel to it. "Trapped Alive" has a real great sound to it. The guitar solo stands out to me as unique due to the interesting effect on Tracy G.'s guitar. Really though, the whole band is at the top of their games on this song. The next song, "In Greed You Trust" has a real nice chorus, thanks to the great backing vocals along with the scream to send the song spiraling back into the verse. Witte is the star of this song. With every song, I become more and more impressed with the man's abilities. "Bury Me"
begins softly. We hear the guitar playing softly with Luzier complimenting it with some soft playing on the cymbals. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, we hear Witte scream and kick start the track. This song sounds more modern rock than metal to me, but it also leads in my eyes for best hit single candidate. The song is definitely one of the most accessible songs on the album. Next we come to the title track, "To Die is Gain". This song really is our first true glimpse of Goaded's softer side that we get on this album. Once the song gets going, it certainly stands out as one of my favorites on the album. I love the buildup to the guitar solo. "The End of Lies" certainly has a nice modern metal feel to it and is certainly a song I could hear on the radio. The highlight of the track for me is Tracy G.'s amazing solo. It easily stands up as one of his best solos on the album.

"As You Bleed" is a good song, but it actually stands out to me as one of my least favorites on the album. It suffers from the fact that the rest of the album is so good. As a band, that is certainly a problem you want to have. On the positive side, however, Tracy G. and Luzier make a very strong showing throughout the song (particularly near the end). "Those You Use" definitely sets itself apart by having Witte use some vocal effects during the first verse. He then casts the effects aside and he has one of the best vocal performances of the album. The talking parts that Witte has on this track are great as well. "Dead Inside" features Witte in what might be his hardest screaming on the album. The entire band is incredibly solid behind Witte on this track. The song ends up being one of the highlights of the album. "Your Strength" begins with a solemn piano progression with Witte singing softly and in a manner we have yet to hear from him. Once the song kicks in, his vocals are much more tailored to his style, however. This song could definitely have a good run on the charts.

"Broken Man" fits right into the album and is a nice closer. This album stands out to me as one of the best metal albums of the decade. Goaded takes influences from many of the metal gods; from Metallica to Pantera to Slayer in this stellar sophomore album. It's combination of several different influences, combined with today's sound comes together perfectly. There is something here for most types of metal fans. The best part, in my eyes, is the stellar musicianship that is represented throughout the entire album. Honestly, there is not a bad song on the album, just different levels of greatness represented. If you have been longing for the days of real metal combined with a hint of real rock, then you have your next album to buy!

Track by Track Ratings:
1. Numb (No Highs No Lows) - 9.5/10
2. Watch the Empire Fall - 9.25/10
3. Trapped Alive - 9.25/10
4. In Greed You Trust - 9.25/10
5. Bury Me - 9.25/10
6. To Die is Gain - 9.75/10
7. The End of Lies - 9.5/10
8. As You Bleed - 8.5/10
9. Those You Use - 9/10
10. Dead Inside - 9.75/10
11. Your Strength - 9/10
12. Broken Man - 9.25/10


Review of Goad-ed's 'To Die Is Gain' - April 2008

by Manuel Hernandez Alzaga
Principal / Author / Metal FanGoad-ed - To Die is Gain

I have been listening to Tracy G. in one form or another for well over 18 years now. I have always thought that his approach to music has been cutting edge and, more importantly, original and diverse (case in point; check out his flamenco CD, “Grijalva”). The new Goaded CD, “ To Die Is Gain”, is no exception.

Upon hearing the first track, “Numb (No Highs No Lows)”, I envision this intense number playing as an M-1 Abrahams tank is rolling into battle in the desert somewhere. One can feel the heat and the sweat dripping down your neck, and you can even smell the gunpowder as “Numb” pumps you up for war. It is a song to go to war to. Although I am partial to Tracy and his trademark bulldozer sound, the rest of Goaded does a pretty fine job of holding their own. The vocalist, Jason White, has a wide range of abilities ranging from guttural to Layne Staley type wails on “Trapped Alive”, which fit the music well. Bones is no slouch either. Hey, I think if you look at the credits at the end of the Tonight Show, you will see his name. And Ray? Well, his timing matches Tracy’s playing perfectly, which is no easy feat. “The End of Lies” is reminiscent of WWIII era riffs, but has more depth. The most diverse track on the CD has got to be “Those You Use”. It begins with a beautiful melody and then breaks into a death like rap. Finally, it ends with a traditional Tracy G. riff. And it all seems to fit together very well. The final track, “Broken Man”, may be a preview of thing to come from Tracy & Goaded. The effects Tracy gets on the guitar are just mind blowing. He seems to take any sound or noise and make it into something rhythmic.

In conclusion, “To Die Is Gain” is an example of where metal may be heading in the future; it is powerful and brutal yet melodic and deep. Perhaps that is why the band is named Goaded. To “goad” someone is to intimidate them and basically scare the shit out of them. This CD will do just that to the listener.

Five out of five Sledgehammers!!


Review of Tracy G's 'Grijalva' - December 2007

by Michael Caro for Latin Style MagazineTracy G - Grijalva Latin Heart

Bubbling with energy like a pot coming to boil this collection of original music by guitar virtuoso Tracy G is a must get. Tracy G who has made his bones and paid the bills with his hard riffing electric guitar playing with Ronnie James Dio among others and has put together this 15 tune expression of his Latin roots. Thirteen songs were written by Tracy G with the other 2 a collaboration with Gratz Arias. This project has mixture of different influences that comprise Tracy G’s energy. Track 1 “Latin Heart (Corazon Latino) has a Jazzy acoustic feel combined with traditional Spanish guitar sounding phrases that start you off and lead you through a road of transcendent melodies. By the time you’re at track 5 you are in your own world invoked by the quiet passion in these songs. The sixth tune “Baila Para Mi” Tracy G has friends and family playing backup. This song is a little more orchestrated and has some piano lines delivered by player Mike Lotz that are reminiscent of a high energy Bob James track a great mix . All the songs are laid back for the most part not in your face like a lot of Tracy G’s other work but there is that bubbling energy that catches your imagination and whisks you off to other times or places. Track 12 is the only tune with all electric guitar. Titled “EL Chapulin” named thus because it reminds Tracy G’s mother of a funky lil grasshopper hopping around, this tune has a funky edge to it complete with a little wha-wha pedal. The last track is a dialogue between 2 guitars that carries an underlying upbeat melancholy a forgotten friend or lover may be brought to mind, it is easy to daydream to. After listening to this CD I felt like unpacking my suitcase! You can purchase this CD in your local music outlet or to find out more go to


Review of Epic's 'Metaphor' - September 2005

by Tony Sison, AKA The Atomic Chaser

The Dedicated Rocker Productions - President

All Access Magazine - Contributing Writer

Epic - Metaphor

'METAPHOR' the rock solid debut release from the band whose sound is as big as their name, EPIC, channels the spirits of classic rock and infusing it with modern day flavor. A hybrid sound that will have your undivided attention from the moment you hit play. I am telling you, this album will nail your ass to floor! EPIC is powered by the powerful vocal stylings of BRAD ALDEN, then there is TRACY G., of WWIII & DIO fame on guitars, who puts on display his guitar prowess by showing a complete different side of his six string repertoire. I've been a fan of Tracy's playing and what he has done with his latest project blew me away! Then you add Tracy's band mate from DIO, LARRY "BONES" DENNISON on bass and FORREST ROBINSON on drums giving the band a rock solid foundation. 'Metaphor' attacks the senses on different levels making sure that your listening experience is unexpected and it has your undivided attention. This album also has a great diversity of moods, which is something that really spices it up. "Transitions", kicks things off by drawing you in with its hypnotic groove. Then you have tracks likes, "Strange Blessings" and candidate for leadoff single, "What Matters" that show how tight a unit Epic truly is. All in all, 'Metaphor' is an unadulterated blast of an album that reminds the "ROCKER" within why you fell in love with rock in the first place. A record to not be missed. If you like Led Zeppelin and/or Soundgarden, I am thinking you'd be glad if you got a hold of this. IT HAS BEGUN!!! Rock N Roll is about to get a SERIOUS WAKE UP CALL!!!!! ONE THAT IS OF "EPIC" proportion! ARE YOU READY?! IF YOU'RE NOT, YOU BETTER BE! For more info on EPIC, check out


Review of Tracy G's 'Erector Pili'

by Tony Sison, AKA The Atomic Chaser

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Erector Pili

Tracy G. is a rare talent. Not only is he an exceptionally intense guitar player, he is a rare composer and producer. His latest project (the bands second release) ‘Erector Pili' under the moniker, The Tracy G. Group gives a whole new meaning to instrumental intensity. The songs are very well thought out, not the endless repetitive licks you hear from so many others. I've always loved Tracy G's guitar playing. His sound is unique and very inventive. Rarely do I find that the title of an instrumental coveys something meaningful about the song itself. With Tracy G, you can almost understand why he titles his songs as such. The compositions on 'Erector Pili' show Tracy's clear mastery of every technique involving the electric guitar as well as his fascination of combining dialog from classic movies, as displayed on "Out Of Respect" where Tracy uses the dialog from the classic mob movie, 'Goodfellas'. On tracks like, the adrenaline pumping, "Finger Fuzz" and "Knucklehead" Tracy displays a clear melodic intensity and integrity that makes the compositions come to life. They tell a story which is so difficult to convey via instruments alone. If you listen carefully you can almost feel what he is trying to say with his guitar, especially on the bluesy charmer, "Celtic Sea". He is incredibly passionate and expressive. But enough! I could go on and on. He is one of my very few guitar heroes. 'Erector Pili' will blow you away. Tracy G is an insane guitar player. One of the greatest guitar playing I've ever heard. It just blows me away that he doesn't get the respect and recognition that he truly deserves. Overall, 'Erector Pili' is a tremendous effort by Tracy G. If you want to hear a guitar played better and more creatively than you’ve heard before… check out Tracy G. Nothing can be said: you have to hear this guy to believe him… His tones, compositions, notes, chords. Tracy G is doing stuff that nobody else can do. Moreover, he does it in diverse and entertaining ways. You will enjoy each one of these very different songs and marvel at how unique each song is. You will appreciate the talent that went into making them and you will marvel at how a man can convey so much emotion with six strings. And when the CD is done playing, you will just wonder… what planet is this brilliant guitar player really from?



Review of Tracy G's 'Katt Gutt' - June 2003

by Michael Caro for Latin Style Magazine

Katt Gutt

This solo effort from Tracy G is one side of the accomplished musician. Since leaving 'Dio' Tracy G has completed several projects that showcase his incredible talent. Katt Gutt takes you to the Spanish /Flamenco room in Tracy Gs' mind where he serves the listener with 10 original tunes. Mixed and mastered at the G Factory Katt Gutt is reminiscent of traditional Spanish stylings but will surprise you with its diverse influences. Rumbo De La India especially kidnaps and takes you on a melodic journey and has you experiencing Tracy G's poignant playing. You just don't know where you're going to land. If traveling while you sit still is your aim you can get more at




Review of 'The Tracy G Group' - June 2003

by Michael Caro for Latin Style Magazine

The Tracy G Group

This 14 track CD of original tunes is a must for any student of electric guitar. Tracy G who made his bones playing with such groups as Dio and Driven gives the listener a lesson on the diverse language of his instrument. Playing with other top musicians “Sosa” Ramirez -Bass, “Pinche Cyclone” Fester - Drums, and Scardino Manolo Lopez – Keyboards, Tracy “G” Grijalva leads you through a ying and yang tapestry of tunes. The Driving beats will get you moving in a way you haven’t in a while and just when you get your head banging grove on you get hit with a haunting melody that makes you feel like the Guitar is actually speaking, track 5 Pritika and 10 Latin Moon are good examples of this smooth styling that breaks up the otherwise progressive beat driving tracks that make up most of the album. This project is definitely worth your time for more Tracy G check out


Review of Tracy G's 'Deviating From The Set List' - January 2003

by Tony Sison, AKA The Atomic Chaser

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Deviating From The Set List

Anyone who is familiar with guitarist Tracy G. (WWIII, DIO & DRIVEN) is well aware of how lethal and powerful this guy's guitar playing is. I would compare Tracy's guitar sound to what happens to Dr. Bruce Banner when he turns into the rampaging HULK! Talk about a nuclear reaction. This is what Tracy has served up on his latest manic creation the double CD juggernaut, 'Deviating From The Set-List', A homage to the musical artist that inspired Tracy in becoming one of the most dangerous guitarist in the world today. When it comes to tribute albums, I listen for interpretation versus imitation. Tracy G's interpretation of the classics rockers offered on this release are ground shaking and served up with huevos the size of boulders! Disc one opens with a canine frenzied cover of the Led Zep classic, "Black Dog". The original version had bite, but what Tracy has done is given it friggin' rabies! To say that Tracy plays with intensity would be an understatement. I think if you look up the word in Webster's you'd find Tracy's name as one of its descriptions. Intensity, I'm talking the kind that grabs you by the balls until you scream! Intensity is what you feel on Tracy's renditions of the ZZ TOP ass kicker, "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers" and the balls to the wall Van Halen fire-cracker, "On Fire" with Atomic Punks frontman, Ralph Sienz doing his best David Lee Roth scream. One of the things that I admire about Tracy G is that he lets his heart and emotions dictate what his fingers do on his guitar. Whether it's playing pedal to the metal riffs from hell or down shifting into some slow and nasty Blues licks, what you get is a guy playing his guts out letting the music control him and not him controlling the music. A good example of this can be felt on one of my favorite songs of all time, the Curtis Mayfield penned, "People Get Ready" and "The Sky Is Crying" , Tracy's thank you to, Gary Moore. Many of you know Tracy has a shredder, but if you haven't heard Tracy play the Blues, you are in for one hell of a treat. My smoke alarms in the house went off that's how this guy is, I shit you not! Before I popped disc two in I had to make sure I warned the neighbors. The walls literally shook when "Going Down" shot out my speakers! Definitely one of the highlights on this release. The fret board tradeoff between Tracy G. and Oingo Boingo bassist, John Avila is simply mind-shattering! If the U.S. military decides to invade Iraq and do what they did to Noriega, this is one song that would drive Hussein straight to his grave! Tracy and good friend, Jeff Pilson (Dokken / DIO / Underground Moon) hook up once again and deliver up a rocking version of Deep Purple's, "Maybe I'm A Leo". The one song that literally kick my ass is Tracy's cover of the Black Sabbath monster, "Into The Void" with Timm Saxton on lead throat. Talk about letting the music take control. Tracy's guitar licks were possessed by demons from hell! It's as if his fingers were making his guitar strings speak in some type of demonic scribe. I don't think calling Max Von Syndow would have helped any. I have always enjoyed listening to Tracy G play his trusted six-string. Whether it’s in a live setting or on record. 'Deviating From The Set-List' is worth its weight in gold. A musical display featuring some of the hottest musicians in the rock music world jamming with one of the most intense guitar players in world, Tracy G. Thanks Tracy for another job well done! Now, I wonder if my home owner's insurance covers shattered walls caused by extreme decibels.


Review of Driven's Promo CD

by The Heavy Metal Resources Webzine

Driven Promo

Remember Tracy G from Dio?? You know, the guy who shredded like hell on albums like 'Strange Highways' and 'Angry Machines'. Well, he has left Dio, but has been quite busy with a number of new projects. One of his newer projects is the band Driven who has just had Mike Terrana join the fold.

This promo is only a four track and follows full length album 'Citizen X'. Tracy is making very heavy music drawing from very heavy influences. Teaming with Timm Saxton, Larry 'Bones' Dennison, and Ray Luzier on this particular outing, they have created a bit of a mix. Opener 'World to me' is crunchy and thick. Vocals remind me a bit of Reznor and Skold. 'No one to you' has a groove to it, and remains very heavy. Probably my favorite on this disc. 'Bittersweet' is a change of pace. This is a really good tune. A slower number that has great vocals, great backgrounds via keyboards, and incredible acoustic guitar. You have to love this tune. The final track has one of the nastiest guitar sounds I have heard in a while. I really can't think of another guitarist who gets this much grit in it's sound. Reznor style vocals appear here as well.

I've gotta tell ya, this is a band to watch. I totally dug this promo. I think the band is gonna make its mark.


Review of Tracy G's 'A Spooky G X-Mas'

by The Heavy Metal Resources Webzine

A Spooky G X-Mas

So you're ready for the Holidays. You want to get into the spirit of the season, but you can't take any more of that elevator based tuneage. You'll choke somebody if you have to hear that Country twang crammed into 'Jingle Bells'. Well have I got just the thing for you. Tracy G has put together a collection of Christmas tunes that have his familiar taste to them. I do mean traditional too. I think you'll be surprised at even another side to this amazing musician.

The album opens with 'The Bells' which basically sounds like traditional music slammed together with the bass sound from the movie 'Halloween'. I'm not kidding. And guess what?? It works. Lots of depth.

'What Child' also known as 'Green Sleeves' up next. Much slower tempo and fairly true. 'White X-Mas' is done very disciplined and well. This tune flows right along. I really like the 'Jingle Bell Blues'. Very bluesy guitar based version. If you dig the blues, you will dig this. You have to check out the depth displayed in '3 Kings'. Very thick sound. 'Hark' is one of the more upbeat funky style tunes on the album with its percussion arrangement. Now here is an interesting move. 'Chuck Browns X-Mas' is one of the mellow arrangements and truly shows that Tracy G is multi dimensional as a musician and songwriter. Probably my favorite track on this album. 'Santa is coming' is the fast tempo tune and comes across quite well. Great Bass lines on this one as well. 'Drummer Boy' closes the album out with a slightly different take on the tune. Nice change of pace.

If you are tired of all of this generic crap spewed this time of year, don't hesitate to pick this album up. Tracy G is very creative and has an excellent holiday offering here. It may not be year round listening, but should become your favorite seasonal collection.


Review of Driven's 'Citizen X'

by The Heavy Metal Resources Webzine

Driven - Citizen X

Tracy G's current project Driven is very heavy. 'Citizen X' is where it started and contains some of the heaviest material that I have heard Tracy do. Everything is over the top with Driven as his album will quickly show.

First thing that comes to mind upon spinning this disc is Pantera. It is that same intensity. That is where it ends though. This band has it's own personality. 'Wrecking Ball' gets things started off and it stays consistently heavy from there. 'Fearless' has a grind to it, but incorporates a groove as well. One of my favorites. 'Strong' kicks it in gear. And how about that guitar shredding?? Tracy can really punish a guitar. 'Camel's broken back' sets a haunting tone. Almost paints a picture with a listen. Very moody track. 'Free' starts off mellow but builds to a crunch. One of the best written on the disc. What a way to close an album. 'Lorax'. Hmmmm, wonder what that is about?? 'I speak for the trees'. This is definitely my favorite in every way. One thing that a listener will get from this album is that Tracy and the guys are having a good time making music their way.

If you are looking for a very pissed off album with good musicianship, 'Citizen X' will fill the need. This album is not for the faint of heart. It is consistently heavy. It also will show how creative Tracy G is as a guitarist and songwriter. Driven is definitely a band to watch out for.


Review of Tracy G's 'The G Factory'

by The Heavy Metal Resources Webzine

Tracy G - The G Factory

From the most ambitious musician in the business comes 'The G Factory'. Tracy G has done a very large amount of projects in his career so far. 'The G Factory' is definitely one of my favorites. Let me explain. It can be summed up very quickly with the music being very energetic, yet very precise. The creative juices really flow through Tracy G as is displayed on this album. It is a mixed bag of goodies. The title track starts off in the heavy vein and shows a lot of punch. If that track wasn't heavy enough, try out 'Warped out'. Very fast and heavy rhythms, but has the precision I mentioned before. To check out the third track, you shift gears a little. 'Opus in Bbm' cruises a long and shows the technical aspects of Tracy's guitar style. One of my favorites is the very smooth 'Goodbye to Sao Paulo'. This track proves that mellow can indeed be very heavy. The track is fairly slow in tempo, but very rich in style. 'The Elephant' is another favorite. Nasty guitar sound to a very crunchy tempo. 'Blutodidit' is another exercise in guitar with some cool effects on keys. Staying true to the Tracy G style is 'Climb the Walls'. The album to this point has been instrumental, but that all changes with 'The many forms of evil'. It is more of a narration with some nasty guitar shred. The ninth track is appropriately titled 'Number Nine'. This track almost sounds like soundtrack material. Pretty cool. Slowing things down a bit and really showing how multi-dimensional Tracy can be is 'A Lil' Sump'n'. How about crunch to close the album. 'Sciatic Notch' closes the album with the fitting Tracy G signature style.

I really like this album. It is for the most part instrumental in nature, and really shows a lot of different sides of Tracy's songwriting. If you are looking for an enjoyable listen, get this album, sit back and crank it loud!